The One who Loves “More”

They say in life, your greatest wealth is not the that money you earn or the things that you own, but it is the relations that you build. If you have even one person who will stand by you through the ups and downs,highs and lows, then you’ve earned success in this game called life. Relations are the foundations and pillars of survival in the journey of life. There are some relations that we’re gifted by blood, and others that we build through the feelings of love and trust. But more than anything, a relation is a special bond of your emotional vulnerability that you share with a person. The extent to which you expose the colours of your inner self, is what defines the relation between the two.

What we grew up hearing was that mutual effort, trust and respect is required to make any relation work. But as we grew up and came face to face with reality, the harsh truth of life started to dwell upon us. We realised that firstly, no two relations can ever be the same, and secondly, there is hardly anything that is put in equally by two people. There isn’y a concept of half and half, there is always an unequal ratio. There is always the one who is more loving , or more sacrificing, or putting in more efforts than the other into the relation in order to sustain it. And emotionally, one of the most devastating things you could do to yourself is to be the one more giving. If what you give is what you get, why is the one putting in more left with a void of unhappiness?

But one thing which undoubtedly true and absolutely unquestionable, is the fact that this class of “more” people possess an exceptional amount of courage and strength. On the face of it they may seem weak for holding on too much, but they are the ones who learn the art of giving and expecting nothing in return at a very early stage, without being taught. They know the pain of hidden desires, yet they act as shields and mentally protect the other. They know how to suppress their own feelings in order to deal with someone’s emotional unavailability. And most importantly, they know how to not give up even when they see little or no light from the other end of the tunnel.

Being the more loving one in any relation is heart breaking, but it is also an act of great selflessness, something we find rather rarely with mankind today. It depicts how relations and people are valued over the feeling of always being taken for granted, and also how love overpowers ego. And nothing deserves more appreciation and respect than such courage, because no regret is greater than the loss of something so irreplaceable.



85 thoughts on “The One who Loves “More”

  1. “And nothing deserves more appreciation and respect than such courage, because no regret is greater than the loss of something so irreplaceable.”
    I love this. Beautifully written, emotional filling. You have great essence Prerna.
    I look forward to your posts.

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      1. Wonderful! We are presently on a vacation but back home at the end of month. Reason I mention this is that hearing from you in, say, the first week of May would work better. Then a quick email to remind me of this exchange of responses. Only if that isn’t an inconvenience!

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  2. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (The Bible, Acts 20:35). It is an attitudinal choice to take pleasure in giving to others of our time and effort. And as we plant seeds of thoughtfulness and caring into their lives, perhaps they will see the blessing of giving also. If not, it may be time for a heart-to-heart talk about what it means to be in relationship. P.S. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I hope you’ll find the posts meaningful, whenever you’re able to visit.

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  3. You made such an important point here. Often people who love like this ARE seen as weak or disturbed in some way but what you have said is so true. I do believe some of us have a greater capacity to love and bear suffering and make of it gold. Great post.

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  4. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog, Meeting Jesus. It gave me the opportunity to read your work. Your writing has a great feel of understanding and compassion. I look forward to seeing more.

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  5. Reblogged this on INSPIRE and commented:
    “Your greatest wealth is not the that money you earn or the things that you own, but it is the relations that you build.” Nice quote and thanks for sharing.
    Also thanks for the follow
    Regards “early bird” c
    PS Best wishes from the First City to see the light

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  6. Interesting topic.
    We are often trying to make sure that we aren’t the ones to love “more:, because we are scared to give some power away. Afraid we’d end up hurt. But you’re absolutely correct – it isn’t such a bad thing, because it opens up the purest part of our heart and soul.

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  7. Below, I copied from yours

    “We realised that firstly, no two relations can ever be the same, and secondly, there is hardly anything that is put in equally by two people”

    I agree that !.

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  8. I understand love as a donation, just as the Light gives itself to all, those good and bad.

    And I do not expect return necessarily, I simply give myself to those, or that, which my heart and my mind love. Should not it be so?

    If it is not reciprocal, it will obviously be limited by the moment and may turn into just a good memory.

    And if there is a return, and if it is reciprocal, then it will be amplified, and there will be the desire, probably also reciprocal, of continuity, it will multiply, it will grow and it will remain. Hope so!

    I believe, to love if learns loving, with joys, sadness, sufferings, with hope, and learning to forgive; that is, by living.

    Of course, this is my theory; and it has already been few years … of research, attempts, and mistakes on this subject, and I continue to research and try to learn more, as passionate about this subject as in the beginning; because Love is absolutely Vital; it is absolutely necessary to Love.

    And, I learned that only one person is worthy to be the Center of our heart / soul, The LORD Jesus because He knows how to love.

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  9. Being the one who loves ‘more’ can be a heartbreaking experience if we have expectations of a completely reciprocal relationship. But as we live our lives and learn more about the world, we realize that love can be very different for different people. Some give themselves completely, and others have inhibitions, often caused by the way they were raised or events in their lives that influenced their personality. The more one loves, the more we learn that there is a great pleasure in loving, even when that love is not completely answered. If you’ve ever had a cat for a pet, you might understand what I’m talking about.

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  10. Hey Prerna.! 😁😙😍 Lovely post!!!
    Thank you so so much for dropping by my blog and liking my post.😊
    Love you for this.💖💖💖
    Couldn’t find your “about” page. Send me a link for that.

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  11. Well put. I am glad you chose to follow my blog because in doing so, you introduced me to yours. Great posts. Looking forward to reading others.

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